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Impossible to place Drawbridge!?!?


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Can't see your video for some reason, but the drawbridge is a weird "block". This is how it worked in A18:


1) Provide support blocks for the middle of the drawbridge span

2) Place drawbridge

3) Add blocks at the hinge end of the drawbridge (if it's not already abutting the edge of your base)

4) Remove middle supports


You'd think you could just snap the hinge end to, say, the wall of your base, but it needs to be resting on something in order to be placed. It'll still "stick" to the wall, you just can't snap to it for initial placement.


It's weird.

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drawbridges are very weird and difficult to place properly.


This is the one place where I will use godmode to put that bloody thing where I want it,

destroying with the hammer of god, and grabbing another out of creative mode.


It is much easier to place if you are flying, but even then, it's a pain. 


never tried the middle of the span blocks.




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The problem with placing drawbridges is that the placement focus is in roughly the center, while the support location is where you would expect it to be, near the hinge.


I typically place 4 to 5 wood frames jutting out from where I actually want it placed and then remove the frames once I have it where I want it.


I think a better solution from a programming stand point would be to have it in the folded position (as opposed to open, which is what it currently is) when you are placing AND semi-transparent, so that you can actually see where it is being placed.



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