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Fair Random Accelerated Sleeper Spawn


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Can you add random to sleeper volume, between +50 and 5778

And add a file to the config folder "Prefabs.xml"


Poi's presently have a single or multiple Sleeper Volumes.


My dream is to have the sleeper volumes be randomized  but advanced to make
transgression cost, and have to earn the loot inside.


Thought process, Poi's have linear space so after single play-through, the average player
single, multi, Tuber, know what to expect.  I would like the unexpected without adding
to your load of specifying per volume per POI, that's a lot.  But in the end it will still
be linear.


It could add replay-ability, an really unknown aspect, and still be fair across the board
for new players, and Longtime players.  


A single controller file, that assigns gamestage difficulty
Add a line to assign, difficulty per POI 1-10. Example: 1 would be a single level, where
upon entry you can see everything "cabin". 10 would be the hospital, the factory, Towers.
2-9 would be dispersed among the rest.


Gamestage = Random(Gamestage +=50,5778)* Days alive. Each volume would set and drop its own
choices upon generation. The inclusion of the two numbers would let TFP, Server managers,
New Players, and everyone adjust the difficulty level, in all POI's simply by adjusting the
the variables in 10 lines.


For multiplayer it would would use similar formula to the horde. Group Gamestage average
and DaysAlive Highest value.


The result is that no matter how it is configured, it would randomize what is spawned. Ten of
the same POI side by side, would have a different set of Zombie infestation, without editing
to infinity.


Last can a Line be added to code to allow 0,0 be a valid input. So a new or young player using
this, in say level 1 - 3, would have no spawn in these, POI's to get their feet wet.
It would also add a nonlinear progression of difficulty in the POI's depending on the level


A final addon, is if you have multiple volumes in a poi, a line could be added so each volume in
a POI can have its own random spawn both in quantity and Gamestage.

If added then a player desiring random can config it ,  If commented out then it sets to Vanilla default.

Basically an over-ride command.

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