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Sleeper Volume Followup Question?


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I have a question regarding sleeper volumes, and no footsteps when Z's are spawned
from within. As I've played I tried to pay attention to what happened and when.


When Z is spawned out of sight in a sleeper volume, you here the thud as the contact
the floor in their preset position.


When engaged they in a single volume they walk with no sound.  When multiple volumes
within a single poi the ones from another volume have random footsteps if they move
to a prior volume where the player is.  The set born of the first volume don't.


If a Z is dragged from the street, they have constant footsteps outside, and intermittent
inside depending on POI and volume size.


Randomly if you melee a sleeper spawned Z, they begin to make footsteps when they get up
as if I smacked the volume out of them.

SleeperVolume.SpawnPoint spawnPoint = this.spawnPointList[_index];
        Vector3 a = spawnPoint.pos.ToVector3();
        a.x += 0.5f;
        a.z += 0.5f;

The Z height is += 0.5f, so when they stand they are bound to the volume.


Does the volume even though virtual, have a Z height collider at the base? If not can one
be written in to adjust for the .5 plus height.


The reverse of this is the single block egress, by reducing player walk/run crouch height
to .49 you can go under single block openings.


I had asked a similar question a while back. During that time I expanded my search to find out
why. I came across the above formula when I was playing with adjusting POI sleeper volumes to be
+50 gamestage.

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