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On 3/12/2021 at 6:07 AM, Hayran said:

Looks good! But is possible control the number of drivable vehicles spawn on map? To very less in this case.


Yes go to the biomes.xml and decrease the prob value of spawnVehicleBlock  in each of the poi name sections.



Ragsy !!



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Great mod!


What could be wrong if I never encounter a compressor tool? I tried increasing the lootchance to 1 and still no compressor in vehicles. We have found a few ratchet sets, but also not lately. No errors in the console or in the server logs. Mod seems to be loading fine...


Could it be a compatibility issue with other mods? I have tried adjusting the order in which the mods are loaded (including this one as the first) to no avail.


Anyone any idea? (I can admin spawn in the compressor)

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