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Vehicle Madness Continues A20 Version Beta 2.0

Ragsy 2145

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1 hour ago, swmeek said:

Thanks bdubyah! 

I found these lines but doesn't it already show it having a navobject and mapicon? 

<property name="MapIcon" value="Quad_UI"/> 
    <!--<property name="NavObject" value="Quad_UI" />-->

Just change Quad_UI to ui_game_symbol_minibike to use its icon. The NavObject line there is commented out and not being used from the looks of it. I think that was intended as Ragsy wasn't a fan of the new nav objects.

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okay thanks again! 

So I tried it like this and it didn't work and I did the same for the other quad2 xml as well.

<property name="MapIcon" value="ui_game_symbol_minibike"/> 
    <!--<property name="NavObject" value="minibike" />-->

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On 1/27/2023 at 2:32 PM, skatapunkguy93 said:

it was in the description of the mod but maybe it was just over looked or its bugged. idk

Oh I think I know what they're doing; kinda like how the bike attaches to the RV, yeh I'm not sure if that feature is there for the tow truck yet but the gist is you would have it in your inventory I think and as you approach the RV (or in your case flatbed) it would appear visually.

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