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A few suggestions For Weather, Enemies and difficulty modifiers


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Hey I just found these forums and I have been playing 7D2D for the last few years and have a few suggestions to improve the game I love.


So I have a lot built up and didn't know where to put em' till today so here we go:


Weather Affecting Spawn Rates Outside of Buildings

I was playing the most recent experimental yesterday when I see fog outside my base and a screamer stumbling out of the mist towards my house, like something straight out of silent hill. And I think 'What if every form of Weather affected the Zombies and Wildlife?" the zombies are already clearly supernatural so why not?


Fog: Decrease Regular zombie spawn, increase special zombie spawn (ex; screamers, spider and crawler zombies. Hulk Zombies if they are ever released.), Increase Mutated Animal Spawns(More on that later), Increase Zombie Animal Spawn.


Rain/Snow: Increase zombie spawn, increase animal spawns.


Sun: Regular spawn rates


Thunderstorm: decrease regular spawn, increase feral zombie spawn in their place, increase special zombie spawn


Sandstorm: Increase snake spawn, increase shambling and crawling zombie spawns


New Rare Enemies

Mutant Variants of animals: High level enemies that do massive damage, have heightened awareness and aggression and are territorial when they spawn. They spawn in the wilderness, 300 meters from any town, 150 meters from wilderness or out of town POIs.


To prevent 'unfair' death it would be clear when one (Or a pack of one for wolves and bats) are near.

-As you are walking in the wilderness between towns you suddenly notice the music stops. The birds and bugs stop making sound and you realize how quiet it is. 150 meters

-You begin to hear some odd, distorted howling in the distance. -100 meters

-The music begins again but it is a foreboding track, occasional sounds of birds taking flight as if they are fleeing. Howling Continues. 75 Meters.

The creatures could spawn in a ditch that spawns with them, preventing cheap sniping tactics... But they should be Hearty enough to shrug off damage anyway.

They will chase anyone who gets close (25-50 Meters) or who attacks them from any distance.



Mutant Bears: Ever seen a shaved bear before? Imagine that, but red with glowing eyes and constantly roaring and running at you. Able to take down Iron bars in just 3 hits and able to tear through terrain to get to you just as easily. +3-4x the HP of a ZomBear, +15% speed of a ZomBear. Usually spawns alone, but on higher difficulties spawns in groups of up to 3.

New attack:

Charge: Pauses and paws the ground before running in a straight line at 225% speed, causing stun and potential concussion to anything it hits. It can't change direction during the attack. Does the damage of a regular attack.


Mutant Bats: Bats the size of a Human Adult, with pale grey skin and very gaunt. Glowing Yellow eyes. basically the elite vulture. Spawns in a group of 3-6, has the health of a dire wolf. It would attack in 3 ways:

-Bite: Flys low and starts hovering nearby, then begins to bite you with a high chance to cause infection and a light bleeding. Light Damage, fast speed.

-Rake: Flys low and trys to swoop past to rake its claws along you. Less chance of infection but higher damage and much higher bleed chance.

-Dive: Flys high and begins dropping in a straight line to the player, easy to dodge but high damage and high chance for stun or concussion. Minimal or no chance for infection.


Mutant Wolves: Size of a Dire Wolf, Green with Blue skin showing through where patches of fur are missing. Eyes Glow Green. 2x HP of the dire wolf. Spawns in a pack of 3-6.


-Bite: High damage, bleed and infect chances. Slow speed. Rears it's head back growling before lunging forward, can be done while walking. Takes 1.2 seconds.

-Nip: Faster attack, less damage, less bleed and less infection but can be performed while running for hit and run attacks.

-Lunge: Crouches down and then leaps forward up to 5 Meters in a straight line. High chance of bleed, Chance of concussion and stun.



Difficulty Modifiers:

I've also thought of additional difficulty modifiers.


Infection Permanence: Yes/No

Basically can the infection be cured, and if you always spawn with it. If permanent it spreads at the servers regular rate, typically 7 days 2 die. Can be treated but will never drop below 0.01%


Infection Speed: 0.5x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x

How fast infection progresses.


Mutating Infection: Yes/No

this one is a bit more complex. If on, each day survived increases infection odds from undead enemies, it also increases the amount of infection an attack can cause.


Progressing Apocalypse: Yes/No

If on each day the zombies become stronger, faster and spawn more. It locks all zombie based options for the server when activated and progresses the zombies from their weakest settings to their most powerful over time.



New Quest Type:

You can buy an 'Elimination Flare Signal' from Traders with a quest attached.

Quest Text: 'Group_Trader_Belongs' (Example: White River Citizens) has been having issues with an unusually aggressive group of <Enemy for Quest> numbering (Number of enemies that will spawn). We need you to wipe em' out. When you activate this signal, we will lure them to your location and you will need to eliminate them however you can. If you can, you get paid. If you run and leave the problem for someone else you can forget getting paid. Good Luck, survivor.


Lore Wise: A pack of enemies is acting out with more aggression than usual and harassing and killing citizens of a given survivor group. You are given a signal flare that will tell a distraction team to lure this group to you for elimination. You pay for this quest as a sort of security deposit, you are paying to arrange a team to stick their necks out to lure these monsters to you, and if you fail your security deposit covers the expenses incurred. The reward is a bounty the group has put forward for you.


Gameplay Wise: The signal can't be activated within 150 Meters of a trader outpost. You are then given a 100 meter square to fight in. If you flee the enemies will also flee, then they will despawn and you will fail the quest.

You pay a fee to purchase the signal flare, and can activate it anywhere you want that is more than 150 Meters from the outpost. Works indoors and outdoors.

When activated a group of enemies spawn and you must eliminate all of them. Essentially a way to test your defenses and make some money.

The enemies will be instantly aware of your position as long as you are within the quest area and will make their way to you. Essentially a mini Blood Moon Event.


Suggested groups:

20-50 Sprinting Feral Zombies: These sprint regardless of the difficulty settings. They spawn in groups of 5 from different directions. Low/Mid tier quest.

50-100 Shambling Zombies: They spawn in groups of 10 and from random directions each time. This quest is a low tier quest and pays mostly items instead of Dukes.

20-80 Irradiated Shambling or Running Zombies: Spawn in Groups of 2, random directions. Can be runners or shamblers. Mid/High Tier quest.


10-30 Vultures: Spawn in Flocks of 5-8. Considered an average quest.

10-40 Mutant Bats: Spawn in Flocks of 5. Considered a mid to High Tier quest.


3-20 ZomBears: Spawn 2-4 at a time, High Tier Quest.

2-12 Mutant Bears: Spawn 2-3 at a time, Very High Tier Quest.


8-32 Dire Wolves: Spawns 2-8 at a time, Low to Mid Tier Quest.

4-24 Mutant Wolves: Spawn 4-8 at a time. Mid to High Tier Quest.


Other Ideas:


Radios: but this has been suggested by someone else:


Furniture: The ability to craft typically unattainable furniture OR the ability to steal it using a 'Thief's Kit' that you buy from the trader.

If Crafting then there should be a place at each trader where there is a usable crafting station specifically for furniture.

If taking, you would buy one use Thief Kits from the trader, which would allow you to pick up any furniture at the cost of the kit and 30 seconds.

I remember there was a table saw in one of the last builds but I didn't see it in the experimental.


Tracking Skill: At max level I think the skill should let you know when mutant or zombie animals are near. The symbols for them could be Orange to prevent confusion with other creatures.


Lowest Tier Weapons: I think there should be a new Low tier weapon for pistols, rifles and stun batons. The equivalent of stone tier.


Single-Shot pistol: Fires 9mm, you open the chamber like a double barrel shotgun to load a single 9mm round. Made from 5 wood, 10 scrap iron, 1 mechanical part, 1 spring

Scrap Rifle: Fires 7.62 rounds, holds one round. Break open style, like the double barrel shotgun. Made from 10 Wood, 20 Scrap iron, 2 pipe, 2 Mechanical Parts, 1 spring

Scrap taser: Functions like the stun baton, but shorter range, longer charge time. Made from 5 Electrical parts, 5 wood, 10 scrap iron, 10 polymer scraps.

The shotgun already has the Blunderbuss.


These would be the lowest level weapons, and would essentially be craftable from the first level of their given skill. They would be slow, and pretty low damage. As well I think they should not have levels. Just be a flat statistic item, no mod slot and 1 dye slot.


High Tier Crossbow:

Multi-shot Crossbow, which allows 3-6 shots before reloading.

See this wiki article for more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repeating_crossbow

Seems like a perfect high end weapon for ranger types. Firing speed of a bow with the power of a crossbow.

There could even be 2 types, Wooden and Compound for mid and high tier respectively.



Anyhow sorry for the word vomit, but I really love this game and can't wait to see where it goes.


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