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Fun Pimps and the EULA Question


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What I am about to say is definitely with all due respect but do the Fun Pimps actually care about their own EULA?

Anyone who has purchased or has received a gift or press release copy of the game has permission to receive server donations from players. Server owners MAY NOT charge hard currency (tangible money such as cash, credit, bitcoin, etc. that has monetary value) for soft currency (in game currency that has no monetary value) or in game items. Server owners MAY allow priority access to players that make a donation.


I don't really know of too many popular servers out there right now that aren't in direct breach of this EULA. Most popular servers out there are breaching this every day, giving in game items or virtual currency for real life money seems to be common practice. Seems like it's not a rule taken very seriously by the Fun Pimps.


I will likely not get a response from the Fun Pimps, but it would be nice to hear what they think? Maybe it's too tough to deal with? Because, I mean, it almost seems like it would be better to remove this rule if it's not going to be enforced in my eyes. That way the rule followers will now be on an even playing field with those that do what ever they want and get away with it. Right now the rule followers miss out on various donations as this rule is in effect, meanwhile, those that do what ever they want get the extra donations towards their community.


Even though I get asked at least 3-4 times monthly to break these rules, I don't, because I play by the rules, even if this rule is not enforced at all. I also educate those asking me for virtual currency and in game items, showing them the EULA directly on my Discord.


If you need a list of those communities breaching the EULA, you can easily visit https://7daystodie-servers.com/, they're not hard to find.


Thanks for listening.

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Minecraft has this same issue, 75% or more of public servers are in direct breach of the EULA but nothing is ever done about them. My guess is that it's either too hard to actually enforce EULAs (IIRC, they're a legal grey area and in some jurisdictions they may not even be enforceable) or the servers are using some bull@%$*#! loophole. With minecraft, servers typically use a bunch of loopholes, a really common one is having the Public IP lead to a "hub" server or a "redirect" server where you don't actually play, you just get sent to another, unlisted server, and said unlisted server is loaded with MTXs and p2w bull@%$*#!, but because it isn't technically a public server the EULA doesn't apply.

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It’s a tough call for sure. Whenever these are reported I send them along to the owners who are the ones who decide whether to pursue or not. 

Server owners are big influencers and provide avenues for many to play the game and I’m sure that plays a big part in any decisions to enforce or not. 

The EULA is pretty ambiguous but I can tell you that the real line is if someone creates an ingame payment button to exchange real money for dukes or other digital ingame goods while players are playing the game.  As long as those premium packages are offered for donations outside of the game then that is all gray area and subject to interpretation of “donation” and “priority access”. 

The examples you shared technically could fall under the umbrella of donation for priority access. There are many examples of the Fun Pimps allowing monetization using their game and in the EULA itself it grants license to accept donations for priority access. 

What it really comes down to is whether server owners are pleasing their communities by being fair and honest. No complaints means The Eye is pointed elsewhere. But when complaints start rolling in because of angry players who felt ripped off then we take notice and start communicating with that server owner in more strong terms. 

Personally I would never want to play on a server that was encouraging pay2win bull@%$*#!. 

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