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[A19] General mod I stream with


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This set of changes is my go-to when streaming or playing. Offers a lot of little tweaks, some of which are more like easter eggs. You can easily look at the XML's for a rundown of what was changed as the sections include comments that describe what I did.  Main changes are stack sizes of some items, tweaks to headshot damages, and adding 3 tools for less grind. A Weed Cleaver for grass clearing, a "Quick Axe" for fast removal of material, and a late-game "Diamond Axe" for those who really want to focus on building and mining. Some of the building projects I've done require many thousands of resources and I never cheat in blocks. 


Also, when you find a ZU College Jacket, keep it. :) Useful for servers who don't want the bugs associated with vehicles.


Here's a link to the last stream I did, description includes a link to download ALL the mods I use (not just this one), as it's a common question:


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