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how does a buzzard attacking my face give me a sprained leg?


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He managed to do that one second before I bashed his head in.


I'm not getting 20 buzzards on me when I ride my bike anymore. looks like they're waiting to attack when I'm engaging a zombie like they should.


Experimented with glass blocks, put up some windows and even some stained glass windows. Seems to be taking longer to mine the sand I need than the lead. If you're just plunking down the blocks, switch to the business glass because that is something you won't walk through and it looks just like the glass blocks.


Don't seem to be seeing the big predators at night. Perhaps it's because I've been in my base for so long and I haven't moved?


Having way too much fun with that baseball bat, if I run into a zombie convention I will pull out my bat even though it takes longer.

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I went through a few hours of playing last night.  Horde night, just a few scratches.  I killed hundreds of zeds and demos and everything on the large multiplayer server with my fellow survivors.  Dozens of POI's, I was whispering death incarnate.  Bears and wolves, gunned down with wild abandon.  Not surprising since my toon is high level, skilled out, extremely armored and armed to the teeth.


Then I went to the desert to mine up some oil, got a lot, rode home.  At the edge of the desert I rode up a small hill and got stuck near the top going over.  A vulture had been following me and started wailing on me.  Before I could get off my bike completely the vulture had given me a sprained ankle, a cuncussion, an infection and managed to take off half my health.  When I finally dismounted I unloaded the AK and killed him.


This is just silly.

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