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Advanced Armor Crafting


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So as I thought about the scrap iron armor I had an idea. What if the parts of the armor could be made to be more unique to each player? Like instead of a stop sign for your chest plate you have a trash can lid. Instead of that cupcake pan you grab a second lic plate. Well... Here is how I think it could be implemented. I will start off by saying that implementing this will take some extra models both for finished products and for the components. The basic concept would be that to build the armor that occupies your chest slot you need to combine smaller armor pieces. 2 Shoulder pads, Front and back plating, as well as some kind of strap or rope to hold it all together. You could make a shoulder pad with just leather or cloth, OR you could build it with leather (to pad it) and a couple license plates bent into overlapping plats. OR maybe instead of the plates you slap on some wood spikes to make it look badass. Based on the components used to make the Shoulder pad it would determine the durability, and protection type/amount it would add to the chest piece. Once you have 2 shoulder pads (they do not have to be identical) you then need to craft your front and back platting. This could be done from larger signs, trash can lids, Leather, or cloth padding armoring instead of metal (would look more like a vest or shirt) OR even some Kevlar if you found/crafted it. You would also have to use some leather strips, or plant fibers to hold it together. Leather adding slightly more durability then plant fibers would. Once you had the armor parts you could then combine them to make an entire piece of armor. The armor would reflect the values of the armor parts it was made of. This could be applied to armor both early game and late game. I think that this would provide an interesting use for signs and other materials lying around the map. would be fun if you could remove license plates from cars and collect signs. This would also allow for players to have a more diverse appearance from one another. It IMO would also increase immersion as the armor would reflect what you had on hand to craft it. It would also be nice if we had to have some other type of crafting station to make the better types of armor. Not sure how it would work exactly but would be nice to add another usable workstation to the check list of must have's for your doomsday fort. You should also be able to make scrap metal armor molds to make ingredients for the armor. that way if there arn't many signs and other natural stuff around you can still craft scrap armor, but with some extra effort.
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