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Add Workbench to Trader? How


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I would like my trader to:
* Act Like Normal Trader
+Have one option to go to Workbench window and craft stuff in trader



		<statement id="start" text="dialog_trader_statement_start">
			<response_entry id="shop" />
			<response_entry id="jobsnone" />
			<response_entry id="jobshave" />
			<response_entry id="specialjobshave" />
          <response_entry id="specialWorkBentch" />
          <response_entry id="done" />


something like this, but that dont work !!! , what i put there ??


        <!-- Responses -->
        <response id="shop" text="dialog_trader_response_shop">
            <action type="specialWorkBentch" id="specialWorkBentchID" />



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