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Disappearing chests

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3 times I took the quest from a trader to retrieve supplies I create a chest either put it above the door on the outside/inside when I come back to put more items in it it is gone along with all my items.I am trying to find out where I can go to report this but all I found was discussions about bugs.

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You place a chest above the Trader door? In Vanilla you can't put anything anywhere in the trader compound, are you using a mod?


Oh wait, you mean you place a chest at the quest poi right? The poi gets reset when you accept the quest, so that's why your chest

disappears. You would have to place the chest outside the boundary of the poi for it to stay in the game. Or use a vehicle for storage.


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56 minutes ago, Marc69 said:

Who do I ask for to get my items back

If it's a multi player game on a server you would ask the server admin.

If it's a single player game you press "F1" and then type "cm" to enable the Creative Menu.

From the Creative Menu, you can give yourself anything you've lost.

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