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Je cherche comment supprimer l encombrement dans l inventaire, j ai reussis a mettre un modlet, mais trop de surcharge directement

Mais impossible de trouver quel fichier xml modifier....

Pourtant dans le passé, j avais trouvé....


Pourriez vous svp me dire quel fichier XML modifier , et idealement la ligne :)


Merci d'avance




I search how can i have an inventory without bag surcharge...

Could you tell me wich XML file i must edit... or better which line in the file please ...


Thanks for helping me....


Have a good day

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Lines 202 and 203:

		<passive_effect name="CarryCapacity" operation="base_set" value="27"/> <!-- Number of unlocked slots -->
		<passive_effect name="BagSize" operation="base_set" value="45"/> <!-- number of slots on the inventory UI -->


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