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Exception: Class 'EAISwim' not found


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Just as the title reads, I get this error code randomly when playing. Happens with and without mods. Not sure if it pertains to the crawler not swiming or if it's something else. I do have the log file but I put the error in below, if the entire log is needed I can post that as well. 



2020-08-10T12:16:43 322.033 INF [Steamworks.NET] GameServer.Init successful
2020-08-10T12:16:44 322.578 INF [Steamworks.NET] GameServer.LogOn successful, SteamID=90137814579032065, public IP=7*.18*.20*.3*
2020-08-10T12:16:44 322.592 INF [Steamworks.NET] Trying to create Lobby (visibility: k_ELobbyTypePrivate)
2020-08-10T12:16:44 322.872 INF [Steamworks.NET] Lobby creation succeeded, LobbyID=109775241000193041, server SteamID=90137814579032065, server public IP=7*.18*.20*.3*, server port=26900
2020-08-10T12:16:44 322.875 INF [Steamworks.NET] Lobby entered: 109775241000193041
2020-08-10T12:16:44 323.001 INF Respawn almost done
2020-08-10T12:16:44 323.007 INF PlayerSpawnedInWorld (reason: LoadedGame, position: 1759, 81, 1368): localplayer
2020-08-10T12:16:50 329.310 INF Saving 71 of chunks took 81ms
2020-08-10T12:22:44 683.324 INF SectionType change from None to HomeNight
2020-08-10T12:22:44 683.327 INF Played HomeNight
2020-08-10T12:22:44 683.327 INF Fading in HomeNight
2020-08-10T12:22:44 683.327 INF Notified SectionSelector that music played
Exception: Class 'EAISwim' not found!
  at EAIManager.CopyPropertiesFromEntityClass (EntityClass ec) [0x000e6] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at EntityAlive.CopyPropertiesFromEntityClass () [0x004fa] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at Entity.InitCommon () [0x00036] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at Entity.Init (System.Int32 _entityClass) [0x00007] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at EntityAlive.Init (System.Int32 _entityClass) [0x00000] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at EntityEnemy.Init (System.Int32 _entityClass) [0x00000] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at EntityFactory.CreateEntity (EntityCreationData _ecd) [0x00658] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at EntityFactory.CreateEntity (System.Int32 _et, System.Int32 _id, ItemValue _itemValue, System.Int32 _count, UnityEngine.Vector3 _transformPos, UnityEngine.Vector3 _transformRot, System.Single _lifetime, System.Int32 _playerId, System.String _skinName) [0x0001b] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at EntityFactory.CreateEntity (System.Int32 _et, System.Int32 _id, UnityEngine.Vector3 _transformPos, UnityEngine.Vector3 _rotation) [0x0000c] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at EntityFactory.CreateEntity (System.Int32 _et, UnityEngine.Vector3 _transformPos) [0x00014] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at SpawnManagerBiomes.SpawnUpdate (System.String _spawnerName, System.Boolean _bSpawnEnemyEntities, ChunkAreaBiomeSpawnData _chunkBiomeSpawnData) [0x002ce] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at SpawnManagerBiomes.Update (System.String _spawnerName, System.Boolean _bSpawnEnemyEntities, System.Object _userData) [0x00007] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at World.OnUpdateTick (System.Single _partialTicks, System.ArraySegment`1[T] _activeChunks) [0x00225] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at GameManager.UpdateTick () [0x00073] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at GameManager.gmUpdate () [0x0029b] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 
  at GameManager.Update () [0x00000] in <6c00870cd0b54988b32262174c97f3cf>:0 



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