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A little generator upgrade.


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What about creating a few mod slots for the generator so you can fit in some small or large tank mods in it? or maybe only 1 slot? and/or create a new mod that makes it more fuel effecient? OR only 1 slot and only the small fuel tank mod fits in it, i have the feeling the small fuel tank is useless except for selling them at the trader.

I was also thinking about a certain modification that could increase the amounts of Watts it produces in total, but i think it shouldnt be too much, but just to give that bit of extra power or reserve fuel you normalyl only can get by creating a 2nd grid to get it all right, depending on how big your base is.


TLDR: Basic idea, 1 or 2 slots with maybe 1 or 2 mods that fit in them maybe add a certain book to learn to unlock these slot(s)

I used a snapshot and used paint to create the screenshot below to give you an idea.
Only the small and large mod are pasted in there together with adding the orange text and arrow., the bar overlapping the amount of fuel was standard in the game...
Bit weird, but ok, maybe it my graphic setting or something.



Anyone, the point is, get a bit of maximum amount of fuel capacity in there by using those mods, or as said before a bit more Watts instead of the standard 300.
Just giving an idea (for end game stuff?)

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On 8/11/2020 at 6:51 AM, Sigil_Thane said:

I think it would extend the run time, but wouldn't increase the Wattage, which is a function of how many engines you have.

Yea the idea is just that you can extra tank so you can have that generator running for longer. Maybe no fuel effeciency then, just the extra capacity.

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