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Remove seed crafting, combine Huntsman & LoL


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Huntsman and Living off the Land are both....really niche, really situational, and in MANY playstyles, very subpar talents.


What if seeds weren't craftable, but harvesting any crop had a low chance to drop seeds (in addition to the seeds already found in trash and kitchens).


And Huntsman and Living off the Land combined into one perk...."Self-Sufficient" or something.

Each rank gave +20% animal harvesting, 1 more product on crop harvest, and a % higher chance to get a seed from plant harvest (0.5% if you start with a super low initial chance like 1-2%, and 1% if you start with a higher chance like 5%)


It'd still be a "niche" talent, but being the "food guy" in a group game would take less investment, allowing that person to grab more combat skills to more efficiently do things OTHER than food. It would also make it more attractive to "splash" into for people who take only the initial rank or grab END 3 for 2 ranks.

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