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Duplication of zeds in some entitygroups Gamestages?

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Hello :)


I have a script that generates zeds, and adds them into entitygroups.xml. Someone pointed out to me that my script was generating duplicate entitygroups entries.  I looked into it and the vanilla game files actually do this in some, but not all, gamestages. An example of the duplication is below.



- Does anyone know if this duplication is "purposeful"?  Like, to balance out the zed generation probabilities?

- Does anyone know how the probabilities are calculated for a gamestage like the one below? Is it like the weather is calculated, where you add all the probabilities up (default probability is 1?) and then divide by the number of entities in the gamestage to get the probability?


	<entitygroup name="FwanderingHordeStageGS54">
    <entity name="zombieMoe"/> <!------------ "DUPLICATE" ENTITY BELOW ------------->
    <entity name="zombieNurse" prob="0.095"/> <!------------ "DUPLICATE" ENTITY BELOW------------->
    <entity name="zombieSkateboarder" prob="0.095"/>
    <entity name="zombieMarlene"/>
    <entity name="zombieBusinessMan"/>
    <entity name="zombieMoe" prob="0.095"/> <!------------ "DUPLICATE" ------------->
    <entity name="zombieSteve"/>
    <entity name="animalZombieDog" prob="0.05"/>
    <entity name="zombieYo"/>
    <entity name="animalZombieVulture" prob="0.127"/>
    <entity name="zombieNurse"/> <!------------ "DUPLICATE" ------------->
    <entity name="zombieDarlene" prob="0.095"/>


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