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Terrain issue in longer tunnels

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Hello to All,


The distant terrain issue is already known and probably not an issue for everybody, hence lets describe what happens:

If you build a long tunnel, prefab or not, a terrain wall is rendered, I reckon 50m, in front of you when walking or driving thru.

I have tried kind of dumb tricks I could imagine with distant meshes, cutting the tunnel into sections, using all kind of blocks above the tunnel, even carving out the section of the world map where the tunnel is placed and then adding the terrain to the prefab instead. Distant terrain will show up in front of you if the tunnel goes thru terrain in general.  

Just curious if the issue is tackled or at least if it is on the agenda for TFP. Tunnels thru mountains are fun to have on a map of course but the immersion is bad or players might think at one stage it is a dead end and do not continue to walk or drive thru. Thanks in advance for some constructive replies.  

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I was working on a beautiful underground tunnelcomplex where you could drive through with a 4x4, until i noticed that @%$*#!ty "fake" wall so i abandoned that project as that wall kinda ruined everything. Also if you would build a road straight through a mountain you wouldn't even be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Nope, you will see walls instead.

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