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:7Days:   7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.6.3 (2020-12-24) by Phoenix125 | http://discord.gg/EU7pzPs
- Works with other managers. New! v2.6.1: Optionally disable watchdog for 7DTD RAT compatibility. Use this util for easy Discord announcements.
- Easy to use and set up.
- Discord: Send server status, in-game chat messages, players join or leave, game time, daily and horde day announcements.
- Backups. Partial and full server.
- Config window.
- Keeps server updated and running.
- Easily downloads, installs, and set up a new 7 Days To Die Dedicated Server.
- Send telnet & chat messages with a click.
- After updates, "(Almost) Future Proof" option adds 19 existing parameters to the new serverconfig.xml file to accommodate config changes during updates and can disable mod folder.
- Announce server updates and/or restarts in game, on Discord and Twitch.
- Works with all version: Public, Latest_experimental, and custom.
- Optionally automatically add version (ex: Alpha 17 (b240)) to server name with each update, so that users can quickly identify that you are running the latest version.
- Optionally automatically rename GameName to current version (ex: Alpha 17 b240) with each update, therefore saving old world while creating new world (aka: SERVER WIPE).
- KeepAlive Watchdog: Restarts frozen servers. Monitors for process, valid telenet, and query responses.
- Scheduled restarts.
- Remote restart (via web browser).
- Run multiple instances to manage multiple servers.
- Detailed logs.
- Watchdog: restart server on excessive memory use.


Direct: http://www.phoenix125.com/share/7dtdServerUpdateUtility.zip
GitHub: https://github.com/phoenix125/7dtdServerUpdateUtility  (Open Source)
Readme.txt: http://www.phoenix125.com/share/readme.txt
Web: http://www.phoenix125.com/7dtdServerUpdateUtil.html

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I use both a Linux and Windows dedicated server environment depending on which is the most stable and flexible for each given build and update. I began with Linux for A19 but the recent updates have made some mods (stackers especially) no longer able to function as they should. However, the Windows dedicated server environment hasn't been an issue for them. This seems to be a fundamental addition for people I game with and it has to be Windows for the time being. :)


With limited choices, I downloaded 7DaysToDieServerUpdateUtility from GIT as per the feedback comment on your 7dtdMapFileAnalyzer tool and opted to setup for a clean install. I hope Windows verifies and authenticates for app soon enough as it's incredibly promising and will fill a gap.


It's very early days but it was very intuitive to configure and has successfully launched. I'll have more time to test everything out and stress test it over the coming weeks. :)

A few comments based on the initial setup and launch so far:

- The readme instructions for a clean install and what actually happened were a little different as I had to manually close the tool and was then prompted with a setup request rather than the suggested readme auto shutdown. Maybe things have changed over time and build updates.

- The custom added Mods folder was selected for a backup save and it wrote over the original Mods folder with the date at the end of the folder name making it non functional and this required manually changing it again.

- An AutoIT Error popped up (Line 20431 - linking to the .exe file for the update utility with a warning about 'Variable used without being declared'.


I'll keep tinkering but thank you so far for sharing this valuable tool.

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@arramus Thank you much for the feedback. I've been working on a couple minor improvements for next release: 
- Having separate Discord webhook options for in-game chat: Global (for public Discord) and all (for admin, if desired).

- Have option to announce manual shutdown with or without countdown timer to Discord/in-game.

I will also address the things you pointed out. I plan to release this update within 24 hours.


Eventually I'll add an optional GUI interface with more functionality.  I've learned a lot of tricks since I started this tool... now I just need time to implement them.


Thanks again!

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Update! 7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.5.4 Added Restart options window, added separate Global chat to Discord, other minor improvements
The easiest way to update is to click the tray icon and select "Check for Util Update".

• Thank you for your valuable feedback, but unfortunately, I was unable to find an error near Line 20431. No variable was referenced on or near that line. I checked v2.5.1, v2.5.2, v2.5.3. By chance, did you type the wrong line #?
• As for the mod folder getting renamed, that should have only occurred if your server crashed three times in a row. It's part of the "FutureProof" feature to disable mods if server keeps crashing. I'm wondering if it triggered while you were setting up your server. I'll work on that.
• I finally updated the instructions in the readme.txt :)  Thanks!

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Thank you for the update. I shall do a totally fresh reinstall of everything (beyond a few backup files) as it takes moments to perform. That way I can experience the updates from the perspective of a new user with the readme and other processes. I shall also leave the 7dtdServerUpdateUtility.ini at default for now to ensure there are no conflicts. I was very careful first time around but this will help confirm if the source was from that.

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After running for over 12 hours, here is a little feedback.


When the server is populated, as when I joined for an hour the server is alive and passes any checks.

Unfortunately, when the server isn't populated and goes into a somewhat idle state, it isn't passing the live check on multiple occasions.


As you will be well aware:

2020/08/17 15:37:21 [Query] KeepAlive check FAILED 3 attempts. Restarting server.
2020/08/17 15:37:21 [Server] Sending shutdown command to server. Countdown:5


This is repeating every 7 or so minutes. There is the 5 minutes grace due to server start and then it restarts. Is the KeepAlive check based on player count? If the player count is 0 is that being recognised as a live server with 0 players? I wonder how it is calculated and if the latest server update made any changes as their appears to be some core engine change in other aspects of the game. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news because the error message with vanilla ini has not appeared since.


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Thanks for the feedback! Everything you address will help others!

Unfortunately, I've been running it for almost a week and my 4 servers do not experience that issue (of course, or I'd have fixed it!).


The KeepAlive Watchdog uses three methods to detect server running: Process ID, Telnet response, and Query port response.

In your case, the Query port response was causing it to restart. Disable that feature for now or try your local machine's IP.
Also, although not likely, your firewall may be blocking the Query port.

I'll do more experimenting to see if I can replicate your issue.



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Thank you. I unchecked the Watchdog options as A18 and A19 have been quite stable and crashes are a rarity even when running multiple mods. The server restart function is very useful and will be sufficient to keep any errant processes or memory 'leaks' optimised.

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Update! 7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.5.5 Fixed Error when Steam branch does not exist
- Fixed: Line 20431 Error when using Steam branch does not exist (Thanks to @arramus & @Majesticwalker#3214 for reporting)
- Fixed: Discord: Change default Online Player message: Add spaces between "Next Horde: x days" and "Player left/joined" (Thanks to @ ًًً\ 𝓞𝓱𝓨𝓪 / for reporting)
- Fixed: "Online Player submessage ( \o )" changed to "Online Player Sub-Message ( \a )" in Config window.

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Update! 7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.5.9 Bug Fixes and New Discord Features
- Discord: Announce New Day and Horde Day. Uses BloodMoonFrequency now instead of 7 day hordes.

- Discord: Added emotes to announcements.
- Fixed: Batch files

- Fixed: Several bug fixes.

@arramus Thanks for the report. The words format correctly on my systems, so it's likely a regional font issue.  I'll tweak the spacing in next release to hopefully allow enough room for font variations.  If preferred, all settings from the GUI can be manually adjusted by modifying the 7dtdServerUpdateUtility.ini file (Notepad++ formats it better).  I use Windows USA English versions. The config window uses "MS Sans Serif" and "Arial" fonts only.

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Hello. I got some bugs with it for now.

If i add a server restart, it do not brings the server back online if i close the "Online Players Window".

But the discord announcement says the server is up and running...

The discord messages not support central european characters for now like: "éáőúüó"

All the other stuff for now works realy great. Maybe an auto start with windows option would be good as well, to not need to put shortcuts in Shell:StartUp . :) Keep up the good work mate.


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Thanks for the feedback @SEDATIVE. I've never had heard of the issue of not bringing server online when "online player window" is closed. I'll look into it!
In early versions, the util used a command line Discord utility to send messages which did not support European characters. I've since updated it, so I'll experiment and see if I can remove European characters from its filter.
An automatic startup shortcut is a great idea! I have it in my Atlas util.


Thank you!

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5 hours ago, Phoenix125 said:

Thanks for the feedback @SEDATIVE. I've never had heard of the issue of not bringing server online when "online player window" is closed. I'll look into it!

It happened to me after an automatic server restart.

I do not know if it does on a regular basis, or just some times.

And thank you too.

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Update! 7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.6.1  Game Save Bug Fix & Minor Discord Bug Fixes
- Added: Option to disable watchdog. Useful if using 7DTD RAT to manage server. 
- Fixed: Backups were not saving saved folder if left at default (the AppData folder).
- Fixed: Improved Telnet response window and log file.
- Fixed: Log file now substitutes new line with |
- Fixed: Discord: No longer repeats "No Online Player" message when server or util is restarted.
- Fixed: Discord: ServerTools messages now remove the color code ie.[FFCC00] 

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Update! 7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.6.2 New In-Game Message features!
- Added: In-Game Message: Custom Chat Reponses.
- Added: In-Game Message: Customizable Player Join Message.
- Added: In-Game Message: Customizable Daily Message sent at definable hour.
- Added: Blood Moon message day offset. Used when blood moon day gets out of sync.
- Fixed: Messages sent from util did not show in Discord.
- Added: Customizable number of telnet retry attempts


Direct: http://www.phoenix125.com/share/7dtdServerUpdateUtility.zip
GitHub: https://github.com/phoenix125/7dtdServerUpdateUtility  (Open Source)

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