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Cant see my arrows anymore.


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I played earlier today and everything was fine. But few minutes ago, i loaded my game to continue and my arrows are now invisible when i load them on my bow. I can still shoot them but when they land on a target, they get stuck in it but like, not in the zombie itself. Its hard to describe... Like, i know they did hit the target, i get the audio cue and the zombie moves like it received an impact, but the arrow swings around in a strange way and when the zombie hits the ground dead, the arrow floats above it. I can still recover it even if i dont see it on the corpse. Its freaking weird lol.


I restarted the game few times and the glitch remains, whether its Navezgane or a NitroGen map. I did download the A19 B-178 latest update. Checked the validity of files and everything says its fine. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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