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Blew my mind, and zombies too. Rocket launcher action.

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I thought bladetraps were fast. But, the rocket launcher kills zombies faster. I think it might be bugged, so the rockets don't hurt the player. Or maybe i'm perked so high i don't take explosive damage. Whatever, it blew my mind.

Warning: Some say rockets do damage them. Seems related to a multiplayer pvp setting, i use no killing as default in my single player world.   At any rate, this video is a showoff. Won't find 100 zombies piled up that nicely in the real game.  Maybe in a horde pit, but there, rockets are fine. Rockets are most likely too expansive for killing single zombies in a real game too.


Didn't use the fps counter, and it had a noticeable framerate drop, but not to unplayable levels even with OBS recording, even with 100 zombies. Thumbs up for improvements.👍


If you pause the video somewhere in the last 5 seconds, it kinda brings back memories of having just entered a town in A15 or earlier. (When zombies decayed slower).



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Brings back memories etc. (see edit history)
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Perhaps i should apply for a place in the content creators threads, but I just don't make much content, and not very often though.

Some more boom boom action. Short story, i realized it is the trench under arrowslits that is the real magic. This is why i seem to focused on the trench.  The base might even work without any trenches or "AI pathing" magic still. Simple concept, slow down zombies with electric fence wire, and then rain down explosives from safety above.


With the zombies stuck in the electric fence, shooting them was like shooting fish in a barrel. The bladetraps took lot of damage, so i guess they did some of the work too.

Red apples = contact grenades.



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