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PVP/PVE Open Public Community server: 1000XP | Loot 300%

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Server IP: 7days.vaido.world

Website: http://7days.vaido.world


	The Small Map is Generated. Not a Navegaze.
	PVPVE - Player Versus Player Versus Environment Server.
	Hosted for at least 4 years or more.   
	Freedom and minor moderation.
	Open community server with open configurations repository
	Open for Community Mod/configuration contributions
	Downloadable Map Backups.
	Minor server-side Mods.

Welcome 7 Days To Die Players,
I'm here to announce a small survival public community server for everyone.
The dedicated server is based in Europe, Lithuania and focused on European players.
It is a PVP/PVE server, so expect to be annoyed by getting shot and looted.
Indeed, not very a friendly server with little moderation and lots of freedom.
Game World and all the progress is being reset at every major Game Update like Alpha 18, Alpha 19, Alpha 20...'
That's it.
Welcome to the "Vanilla" Wasteland.
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