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You want animals fighting zombies? I got animals fighting zombies.


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A thread over in General Discussion got into wolves attacking (or sometimes not) zombies in the wild. That led me to run some simple tests about which animals would beat which zombies and vice versa. Which I presented to the forum in neat tabular form. BORING Several people asked me if I had videos of the fights. "No," I replied, "I don't even know exactly how to record and edit videos, but maybe I'll look into it."


I have since looked into it. And being the type of looking-into-things tech geek that I am, I really kinda went maybe too far. And but so, embedded below is just a taste of what I am doing. If you like the intro, head to the YouTube channel. There are two full videos up, and I will keep making more if people mostly like them. Probably will not be able to produce more than one, maybe two, videos a week.



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Tease was intended, but only kinda. I didn't want to upload 140MB of video to the 7D2D forums.


5 hours ago, hiemfire said:

"Genetically Engineered Fearless Wolf" = Modded not to run away when heavily injured???


Yep. Just set the chance for AI-Task-3 ("RunawayWhenHurt") to 0.0. Obviously out in the forest the wolf would have gotten away, but in the CCC there is no escape. The wolf is surprisingly robust, as the next fight I'm recording will show. The quick attacks stun-lock the zombies.


When it comes time to face the Wight, I think the wolf will be toast. But what about a pack of wolves? My to-do list is fully engorged.

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