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Awful zombie spawn positions

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In the POI editor? I'm not sure exactly what all features are available in it, but when you have the POI loaded up you can enable "show sleeper volumes" to find the one where you see the problem. When you are inside the volume you can just point the crosshair at it (at one of the blue walls) and left-click to select it (it will change from blue to green). Then pressing 'k' will show you the properties of the volume. You can also point at any single sleeper and press 'e' to examine its properties.


Once you know where the volume actually is, you can select "Playtest" in the debug menu and it will load up the POI on a featureless flat plain. There's a special trader there if you want to buy a particular loadout (a collection of guns and armor, in a bundle) and a sort of control block, but usually I just use the creative menu to pull out the dev pistol (insta-kill) and go walking through the POI. You can also god-mode right to the room you want, but you will trigger any volumes you pass through.


During the playtest, it will behave just as in a real game, so you can easily try different scenarios to see if/when the sleepers spawn. There is a "Restart playthrough" (or something like that) option in the debug menu to quickly put you back at the start with all sleepers reset.


I'd try different paths to that window, and if you can find a path that triggers the spawns on computer A, but not on computer B, that might be a bug.

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