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Sound Effects Volumes need to be addressed

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Sound Volume of Traitor Joels Com announcements closing and opening must be at 200% volume, my eardrums actually popped with my earphones on (Dangerous).  Please tone it down.


I understand that Augers and Chainsaws are loud IRL, but again these are at 200% volume, it's irritating especially streaming.  I get it, the noise suppose to attract zombies, they don't have to attract my neighbours to ! (joke).  Vehicle noise also annoyingling loud, and the Jeep cruise speed repeatively loops gratingly like nails on a chalk board.


I just wish there was a seperate Volume control for vehicles and power tools ?


I have volume set to enjoy the Ambience and over all game sound effects, but the aformentioned things just breaks those settings somehow, or seems to be way louder than they should be ?


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The motor sound for the auger seems to be at a sensible level, it's the impact / thud sound that is insanely loud. Same applies for ranged weapons in some cases.

I can hear the thud of auto turrets 40 blocks away as if they are right next to me yet I cannot hear the weapon firing.

Also mini bike engines are silent except for the person driving them.

I'm sure the devs are aware they just have higher priority tasks at the moment.

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You are ok with auger/chainsaw but not with trader joel? Uhm. Ok. Auger/Chainsaw make it impossible to talk on TS/Discord, it´s unbearable on headphones even when not talking to someone and if you play on speakers, every neighbour knows you play. And turning the volume down isn´t an option either if you don´t wanna be surprised by a wandering horde or a screamer.


That two sentences are loud, yes. But it´s only two short sentences. In fact, they are a good reminder that the night is coming soon. Helped me a lot of times already, so i don´t come late to return a quest and get a new one. I´d prefer it stays that loud.

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