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TLC for the 44. Magnum


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I really like the 44. magnum in this game, I also enjoy the new powerful bang sound that comes out of it.
What I don't get is the reloading animation.


Ask any revolver fans, spinning the cylinder is bad for the revolver.
Also how the cylinder is being put back in is also bad for the revolver, Should hold the gun in one hand and use the other hand to shut it in.
Also with that spinning animation you will lose unnecesairy precious seconds before you can fire..which could result in death if your unlucky.

Why the heck would any survivor by his or her right mind bloody spin a cylinder when zombies are coming at you??? 
It's just plain stupid IMO.

Maybe some folks here like the animation, but its too hollywoodish/silly to me.

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4 minutes ago, Ezed said:

The game is campy...like a B movie.  You've seen the names (Munchez Carpets) of some of the businesses yes?  The plow on the front of the 4x4?  It fits right in with all of that.

I guess that is true, still would be nice not actually having to do the spin though, as said before, sometimes can use that extra little time not to get eaten.



4 minutes ago, Telric said:

Remember when games could be flashy and fun? Yeah... guess its a thing of the past.

There are still a lot of flashy and fun games, like 7 days to die. Changing the animation into a more professional way wouldn't make it less fun in my opinion. 
Just because someone has a different opinion about a certain subject or object in a game doesn't mean you should start exaggerating about stuff and crying, that toxic @%$*#! doesn't help anyone here.
Ezed doesn't agree with this, but at least he comes with a proper answer or counter argument.

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I'm old enough to remember that TV and movies took GREAT liberties with weapon handling and tactics used by police and military on screen.


As time has moved on, I've noticed that the general population has an increasingly greater depth of understanding of how weapons, police, and military actually work. At the same time TV and movies have been forced to update themselves to more realistic portrayals of these things.


I suspect that the OP's comment originates from a similar set of factors. The OP knows how these things really work, and so when a game does something cheesy with them, it bugs them.

For the record, I'm kind of in the same boat. I'll let the game get away with it as I don't care quite as much as the OP, but I agree it looks really silly due to its unrealism.

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Yeah the spinning animation is a bit annoying when you're being chased by zombies or cornered. Personally I don't think the .44 magnum is quite good enough to justify the super long reload time, maybe if it fired just a little bit faster. I do love the new Desert Vulture though, it's pretty much what I wanted the magnum to be.


But if we're talking silly reload animations surely the pump shotgun must take the cake. The two shells you load must make babies in the barrel and multiply to 8. Or even 12 with a mod!

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12 hours ago, smokingpaper said:

Ask any revolver fans, spinning the cylinder is bad for the revolver

This is a leftover 'cannon' from early days where they didn't have all the knowledge and controls to properly and consistently heat treat various parts.

Any quality modern revolver should hold up to years of cylinder spinning. Not saying there's any reason to do it other than as a quick test after a full cleaning, to verify that there's no grime left on the bearing surfaces.


The real potential for damage is the combo of slamming a fast spinning cylinder into the frame. That will cause unnessessary wear, and over time might lead to escalating damage if the cylindar to bore alignment gets sloppy enough for the bullets to start impacting the flat back face of the barrel rather than remain fully in the guiding cone.


Basically it's the lock up between those funny looking little machined divets in the cylinder and the advancement mechanisim that both indexes each cylindar chamber to the central bore of the barrel, and advances to the next chamber when cocked. You can readily tell if a revolver has been abused by simply twisting the cylinder back and forth while it's closed into the frame. A well made new one will have very little movement while something like an old army surplus WWII one might be scary. And you have to check each chambers alignment, even before buying a brand new revolver.


Not saying anything you said aren't good habits, but watch some competition revolver shooters on a timed course. They're not being gentle, heh. :)


3 hours ago, ElCabong said:

My only complaint is you can't put a silencer on it. if you can put a silencer on a shotgun you sure as hell should be able to put it on a .44 Magnum.

There's a real world reason you can't effecively suppress revolvers. There's an air gap between the cylinder and the barrel. Suppressors work by containing the majority of the expansive gases the powder produces. That air gap on revolvers allows some of those gases out, leading to a boom, even if a can was put onto the end of the revolvers barrel.

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