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Should weapon parts make a comeback?


Weapon parts what do you think?  

58 members have voted

  1. 1. Should the weapon parts mechanic come back?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Dont care.
  2. 2. If you answered yes or dont care, how would you like them to come back?

    • 2-6 parts to make a weapon, each part affects stats.
    • 2-6 parts to make a weapon, only your perks affect the stats.
    • 2-6 parts to make a weapon and both perks and parts affect its stats.
    • I voted no already.

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Weapon parts were an interesting mechanic, you explored around the world to collect receivers, barrels and bodies to make your favorite shotgun with just some modifications it would be perfect for the current gameplay as it seems that the objective is to slow down progression to reach the "end phase" slower and this would help this goal greatly.


Players would still be slowed down on getting guns but they wouldnt notice the slow progression as much as they now have a goal to work forward to.



In my opinion the best way to bring back the weapon parts mechanic would be this way:


Weapon parts:


  1. Body, the actual part what holds a weapon together. Mainly effects durability and stamina usage.
  2. Mechanism, only used in weapons with mechanical parts. Affects reload speed, firerate, firemodes, special effects, technically anything what can be tied to a mechanism.
  3. Barrel/String, used on ranged weaponary. Affects damage, accuracy, charge time, special effects.
  4. Magazine, only for weapons what can hold ammo. Affects ammo type and magazine size.
  5. Head, only for melee weapons. Affects stamina usage, durability, damage, special effects.
  6. Handles, the part where you hold the weapon does not exist on all weapons. Affects stamina usage, durability, recoil, accuracy.
  7. Specials, literally extremely rare items what can change how the weapon functions.


Each weapon part changes a weapon in some way shape or form, the idea is kind of similar to what borderlands had. Various manufacturers create different weapons and as such the players can create their own personalized weaponary.


Perks stay as a way to enable crafting better tier weapons from those parts you have, they now offer some percentage bonuses to the final result. T6 crafting now exist if you completed the relevant books and maxed the perks.



For example lets say we need a pistol crafted you need a body, mechanism, barrel and a magazine. Each level in the perks unlocks some additional part you can fuse into your weapon, at Gunslinger 1 you can only make a basic pistol while at Gunslinger 5 you could make a pistol what uses 7.62 ammo, has a long barrel and a drum magazine (it comes with the downsides you can imagine) and if you finish the proper books while at G5 you could make it double barrel.


Sure it wont be too realistic at the later points but the idea is to add an endgame goal to everyone, something to work forward. If every weapon only gets a magazine what changes the ammo type that already means we tripled no quadrupled all the avaible guns to players.



The base gameplay is slowed down, you can still get your guns at day one if you try hard enough and we got the first content what feels like some endgame goal.

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Poll isn´t working like you want it to. Can´t vote no, without voting for the second question also. It´s required to answer both. Wich will corrupt the outcome.


Would vote no. Too much RNG luck needed for my taste. Already not liking that i need luck with the parts we have right now.

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50 minutes ago, pApA^LeGBa said:

Poll isn´t working like you want it to. Can´t vote no, without voting for the second question also. It´s required to answer both. Wich will corrupt the outcome.


Would vote no. Too much RNG luck needed for my taste. Already not liking that i need luck with the parts we have right now.

49 minutes ago, manni44 said:


To fix the problem added a "I voted no already" to the second part.


25 minutes ago, Bashtiks said:

Very nice suggestion 🙂 dont see rng as a big problem as long if you can craft necessary parts or buy off trader ( endgame/special ones could be loot only or obtainable by traders top tier secret stash)

I thought it would work this way:


You can find the parts or scrap weapons to get some parts, the traders sell both weapons and part and you can make your own parts too but not everything (like craft 3 types of magazine out of 9). Each weapon would be treated as a modular item so you can just swap the parts when you find something better or more fitting.


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I think it'd be more fun to maybe have some RNG in a crafting system for the parts themselves. Or to find complete guns but with parts that have random stats within them so you could at least min/max what parts you want to keep if you find multiple guns and have them 'stack' up on a single gun. That could help alleviate the RNG aspect of the older system (being locked out of a weapon because you don't have a barrel for it)


But finding single parts would just be a nightmare for inventory management. You can't stack single parts with unique stats. To make matters worse, there are now SO many more guns. On top of that, there are so many more items outside of guns to fill up our inventory now too. So you're not only going to have a harder time finding what you need but it would create a total nightmare of a situation for inventory management. In my opinion, the current inventory space we have is already too small.

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I liked gun parts and it made it special to get that last part you needed to finally make your smg/sniper. Liked the combining to improve parts and the degrade system that was in place when gun parts were a thing.


What i didnt like was raiding a full on military base and only leaving with 1 or 2 crappy parts.


Gameplay vs Realism? 



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I voted don't care. For second question, "I voted no already" because there wasn't an option for "I don't care about this either."
Inventory space has never been an issue for me. I make several storage beacons around the map and bring stuff back to the main base if I pass by one and have room. So, if I spend my nights crafting things from generic parts or specific parts makes no difference to me. 
The only thing unique about the old system was the combining of things to make better parts. What I would like for the current system, is a way to boost the stats of an already crafted gun. a smidge at a time. We have repair kits... I would like upgrade kits. For the most part, you do end up finding good stuff eventually. Sometimes RNG does not cooperate at all though. This would be a nice fallback to let you get something good eventually but in a different way.

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I think weapon crafting is a good thing and could provide a viable alternative option for acquiring high quality tools / weapons. The more options to craft and reasons to explore the better IMO.

You could take weapons crafting further and offer some unique cosmetics or functions that could be built into your crafted weapons but maybe require that you go and farm some real nasty POIs to get them.... a bit of an end game activity. 

So long as it isn't tied to bloody perks.... Let the parts quality determine the tool quality and maybe some schematics or books.

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I never wanna go back to gun parts. Having all your gun parts and not being able to find that last one was so frustrating :l We used to have an entire chest devoted to just gun parts, and sometimes that overflowed because of all the options you'd get. Also that would add even more loot options to boxes, instead of say 20 options from a box you'd have 40 as it accounts for a bunch of different gun parts, makes it harder to find the other stuff you need.

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I would have voted no.


Coming from Console right before alpha 18, that was one thing I didn't miss.  I hated the degradation system.  The only way to max out guns and keep them there was to be constantly searching for and saving parts to combine in the work bench, (I'm glad that mechanic is gone altogether actually.)  The system doesn't need to go back to being anything more complicated than it is now.  I like the mod system and figuring out what works best with each weapon for how I play.  The old system was a time/resource suck.

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The current system with Pistol parts and machine gun parts etc etc is fine enough.
It means you have different parts stacked into one group/stack.

However what TFP could add to this current system, is maybe having a small chance to find higher quality parts.


Using machine gun parts for an example: you would then have 2 different type of parts.

The normal "machine gun parts" and then "High quality machine gun parts". 
Or maybe change it to "Civilian machine gun parts"  and "military machine gun parts"

Most other parts as well "Civilian pistol parts" and "military pistol parts". Maybe...

If you would use a "military machine gun part" to craft a machine gun that it would add 1 extra tier or some other bonus to the weapon you are crafting.
This would mean when you leveled up high enough and are able to make Tier 5 weapons, you would be able to make either a tier 6 weapon, or a tier 5 one with a bit of extra bonus but not too much.
Maybe also add a bit of durability. 

I do miss the fact that we can't craft Q6 weapons, i guess you are supposed to find them when looting.
Tier 6 could still come back as a crafted item though, but then with the minimum statistics maybe, so you still get to find better Q6 in the looting process.

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