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exploit endless robotic parts


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PC. I`m not sure if I`m even doing this right or not. I Wrestled with Sylen for a while in his dev thread. methinks he doesn`t "really" understand exactly how tech and computer, illiterate I really am. I didn`t want to describe an exploit in community forums. If I scrap the robot sledge, from my invetory, in my workbench it gives me 3 robotic parts. Again and again and again. It does however give a big error message but just continues scrapping it anyway and piling up scrap robotic parts. I tossed them away. I did it 3-4 times to verify. I know nothing about files, attachments, nothing. this is my last effort to try to help, in recompense for a game that has entertained me immensely for many, many hours and continues to do. the end;)

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Doesn't work for me. It must be some mods you have going/playing on an old save/etc. There are two big red bars with links above that'll teach you how to grab the .txt log file. But, I'm sure if you wipe the old saves, delete the mods, and re-verify the file integrity you won't have this exploit. https://community.7daystodie.com/announcement/7-updating-to-alpha-19-and-reporting-bugs-for-pc/

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I've done a few things that caused what looked like an exploit.  But as I don't play games to find or use exploit... I just forget them as my fun would be reduced.


Now the closest thing to an exploit for me is:

The BM AI will mostly try to get as close to the player as possible (eventually), so I made a powerful fortress with an opening in the outer wall (which is at the limit of the claims blocks range) as the current game I play is SP, I couldn't defend a base THAT big!  


The "Gold Room" with all my loot! 


Edit: My Horde base and my Loot base is the same thing.  First time I've done this in a long time!



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Same thing happening to me but for a level one robotic sledge, and if you cancel scrapping you can get infinite robotic sledges along with an error in the console, not sure if I should send bug report (if it hasn't been done already) or just say this here and forget about it.

Edit: I also broke the robot sledge with a pic from full to see if that would fix it, it didn't.

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Please dont worry if your not tech savvy mathanielh and no one should worry about mentioning exploits or potential's exploits in the forum either, Just report them under game bugs. Thanks


Yeah, I raised this a bit ago, an its since dealt with.  (Not 100% that its fully fixed as a Mod conflict on certain servers also caused the issue to repeat. 

On 8/4/2020 at 9:45 PM, Psychodabble said:

I had the same issue as the OP. AFAIK, it only happens with Q3 yellow robotic sledges. You also can't sell them.

Correct. Just Scrap and Sell Scrap. The Duplicated Yellow Sledge would be rejected as bugged out by trader

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