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[Windows] Game client freeze followed by a crash


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Yesterday I fired A19 up for the first time, played just fine for over 6 hours on a modded community server.

List of mods:


7 Legions Weapons - 21 Custom Tier Guns

7 Legions Starter Gear - Gear that a new player to gear at the start of the game

7 Legions Food - 13 new types of foods, plus 1 new drink

7 Legions Wicked Garden - cut that grass like good old days

7 Legions Backpack 96 - A backpack that holds 96 items

7 Legions Daily Loot - If you vote for our server you get 72 free items in a crate at your feet by typing /claim vote after you vote

Allocs Live Map - Live map of our world

Botman Commands - Zeus commands

Ammo Stacks By: Numbers - Ammo stacks to 6000

Custom Perks By: Zuzulol -  Prestige v 2.1 + 2 Skill Points

42_New_Dyes_Workstation by: HH - 42 new dyes, plus a dye machine 

Larger Stack Size by: HH - All blocks stacks are 20000

More Seats Vehicles by: HH - Seats added to Funpimps vehicles 

PA_Decor_Blocks by: HH - added more décor items to the game

Wiki_TV by: HH - TV screens to the game with info on them

Zombie larger Loot by: Jrbarrio - Zombies drop larger loot bags when killed

Birds nest and Trash destroy by: Jax - Birds nest and trash destroy after opening

Car respawner by: Jax - When cars are destroyed they leave a bushes

Vehicles by: Snufkin - Added Jet Pack, HellBeast and other custom vehicles

Lights by: Shino - Added mod for all light to work

8 mod slot by: All_Death_Song - more slots for weapons and tools

Screen Splash back and in-game crafting screen by: Ragnarok - shows our really cool Splash Screen before you enter game and in-game

AutoMiner by: Snufkin - Lets you make Iron, coal and other items with our new AutoMiner

HO Bar Mod by: Khaine - adds hit bar in game

Remove Vehicle after every reboot by: HH - put your vehicles away or they will be gone.

Forge Slots by:    - One extra slot in Forges(edited)
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Today, after 6+ hours of playing, the game freezes then crash repeatedly within a few minutes when logged back into the server, happened about 5-6 times now. The lastest crash happened about 30+ minutes into the game (freezes first just like all the other ones), and that's the one I've attached the output log to.

The only thing I remembered changing is FOV and the command to force the client to windowed borderless mode. The thing is I was playing just fine for hours and then the problem started happening.


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In the log it starts with a DX11 error:

d3d11: failed to create staging 2D texture w=128 h=2 d3dfmt=10 [887a0005]
InvalidOperationException: Cannot access the data as it is not available
  at UnityEngine.Rendering.AsyncGPUReadbackRequest.GetData[T] (System.Int32 layer) [0x00017] in <5e1dfb686eb345078a588df96401afcc>:0 
  at OcclusionManager.OnRequest (UnityEngine.Rendering.AsyncGPUReadbackRequest req) [0x00010] in <4c0bf365ea03490793bfa81289f382e8>:0 
  (Filename: <5e1dfb686eb345078a588df96401afcc> Line: 0)


If the same error happens in other output logs too it might have some significance and would probably point to world data being incorrect, i.e. a region file. Otherwise it is just the last straw that breaks the game.


I would go to your local cache stored in SavesLocal/Player/ and move the map file in there to somewhere else in the hope it is just this cache file that got corrupted. AFAIK the file will just be recreated when you log in again, if not you still can move the file back.


If this doesn't help. the savegame on the server might have been damaged and either your player data or the region file where you are needs to be deleted. Go to some different area >1 km away (actually I never found out how big a region is, I just assume 1 km is enough). If the problems vanish it is the region file and you need to contact the server admin about it. If not it might be your player file on the server that needs to be deleted.







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