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My Idea for a Sledgehammer book line.


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Most weapons have one, but the sledge does not, here is my idea for some for it. The idea is to make sledge the goto weapon for bashing into poi's etc when you do not need to harvest things. Its zombie damage is already good enough and does not need a book buff really.


As for name, I am unsure, maybe: Home demolition 101?

Here are my book ideas in terms of effects


Home Demo 101:  Efficency Chapter, This book has taught you how to more efficently swing a sledgehammer, reducing stamina costs by 10%.

Home Demo 101:  Technique chapter, this book has taught you a better way to more easly swing your sledge resulting in +10% attack speed.

Home Demo 101:  Wood chopper, This book increases sledge hammer damage vs wood materials by 15%

Same as above, but one for metal and stone as well. That makes 5 books so far.

Home Demo 101: This book can teach a special sledgehammer only mod.


As for reward for getting all books, I haven't thought that far yet.. What do you think of these and got any suggestions? a better name would be good too, as I suck at naming things.


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A name for a sledgehammer book line? one that focuses mostly on destroying things?


May I present: Home Wrecker


Home Wrecker Vol 1: When tearing down walls, being the biggest guy on the crew has it's merits: Sledgehammers require 10% less stamina to swing

Home Wrecker Vol 2: Sometimes you just want the next project done a bit faster: Sledgehammers are swung 10% faster

Home Wrecker Vol 3: Plywood basics: Wood is a common enough material in home building, easy to build, easy to destroy: Sledgehammers deal 15% more to wooden blocks

Home Wrecker Vol 4: Stone-masonry: Some of the nicest home employ beautiful stone work in the design, knowing how to destroy it efficiently is important: Sledgehammers deal 10% more damage to Stone/Cobblestone blocks

Home Wrecker Vol 5: Scrap wire: All homes have pesky wiring that slows down the remodel, not anymore with this new Technique!: Sledgehammers Deal 10% more damage to Metallic Blocks

Home Wrecker Vol 6: Get to the point: At the end of the day, a great tool can be improved upon with simple additions: Craft the Heavy-Duty Head mod for Sledgehammers, which gives 10% more damage to all blocks, but reduces damage to Enemies by 15% (Balances out being a tool vs a weapon...can't be both without ruining the meta)

Home Wrecker Vol 7: (completion reward) Fixer Upper: After destroying a block with the sledgehammer, the next block struck is dealt an extra 50% damage


just my ideas

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