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A few ideas

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These may have been suggested before but I'd like to see two things added in -


1. A lever action shotgun
2. A jackhammer for stone (auger just seems out of place as augers are used for dirt not stone irl)

3. CCTV - Being able to wire up a tv to a motion sensor (camera) to be able to see whats outside your base.

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The auger being used for stone as well as dirt is mostly a convenience/ "Because video games" thing because having a motor tool exclusively for dirt would not see a ton of use due to the gas costs. It'd have to basically instantly dig up dirt and even then I think it'd be super low priority, since a steel shovel is super fast anyway.


Lever action shotgun would probably have too much overlap with the Pump shotgun. I personally have no issue with additional sidegrade guns (have it reload/fire faster but be slightly less powerful?), and would like to see more guns like that, but I can also understand a design philosophy of not doing it. A personal thumbs up from me.


CCTV exists as a mod, and it demolishes performance if you have more than like, 1 or 2 cameras and I believe it forces you to turn occlusion off, which hurts indoor performance in general. It's quite possible TFP could do a better implementation, but it seems like the current rendering systems aren't super friendly to it.

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