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suggestion: regular bandages should halve sprained ankle duration.


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Super simple, suggestion more or less in the title. I mean it would make sense, right? The image icon for a regular bandage when you make one looks to be a standard Ace Bandage, and those are usually used to support a sprained ankle so that it can heal faster. It's super frustrating to suffer just a sprain and being unable to use even a splint to help, or painkillers, or anything. 


I think it'd be cool if it went something like: Painkillers ( 3/4 duration ) > Ace Bandage ( 1/2 duration ) > Both at the same time ( 1/4 duration, aka, the effects are stacked ). Or even just a splint halves the time / a plaster / "boot" item. 


( If there's a way to change that somehow in the .xml files please let me know because I'm totally not against modifying the files, especially for something so arbitrary and honestly probably something only I'd like to do lol )

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