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Faction-based traders (complete one to progress to another)


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So. You already have traders with different "personalities"; I suggest adding another dimension to that. There already exists a sort of progression with having to do Tier 1 jobs and then progressing to Tier 5 jobs but you could tie that to the trader personalities as well. Perhaps have a system where you have to  establish reputation by doing a Tier progression with say, Trader Jen, before the next one trusts you. I say Trader Jen because she seems the most friendly; the least friendliest seems less the grumpy type and more the outright hostile. 

You could also consider higher Tier jobs simply by imposing time limits on the job, as a start. The reason for this post was because I always find it odd an outright hostile NPC who tells you he will kill you allows you to do jobs the same as a friendly NPC. While it may simply be a way of incorporating personality, every other game I have played which has NPCs has them offer different dialogue depending on the player's faction standing or reputation. 

Higher prices from the more hostile but potentially greater rewards etc. You could also provide an upgrade to the triggered POIs with more traps etc. but the time limit would be a starting idea. Scavenger hunts also could be an idea; return items X, Y, Z, within X time which could get other players involved also. 

Just an idea off the top of my head.

Mattis/Johnson 2020


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