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Lock to prevent strangers from interacting with electrical devices

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I'm wanting to submit a request for enhancement to have electrical devices such as sensors, trigger plates, battery banks and so on should be "lockable" against tampering.  


The idea is that in a PVP server, strangers could defeat your defences by changing the settings, eg put a long delay on a trigger plate, or remove batteries from a battery bank, or make motion sensors not react to strangers.  Or worse even make your auto-turret target you yourself!


I know the obvious answer is to not place these things where they can be reached and interacted with by your enemies.  But I am hoping that this would be simple enough (use code similar to that on storage containers that can be locked) to make it viable even if it does not benefit every situation, and who knows, it might even change the way people design bases.

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I Think sabotage should stay, especially in pvp, which isn't a main game mode persay...


there would be very little worth to even infiltrating a base at that point if someone couldn't change how the electricity ran...part of the fun of base type pvp games is rigging the enemies base to no longer be a safe zone (placing a mine, pit traps around corners etc)


if you negate this, the most viable option is really just rocket spamming your opponents builds until they crumble...why fight a person, when the horde will kill em for you since they aren't safe.

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