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Am new to being an admin and need help please I broke something


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55 minutes ago, AustinB1024 said:

Thank you so much! is there a list of hotkeys for debug that I can find so I don't goof this again?


I don't know any official list. Here are the ones I know of:


* (Numpad) - Toggles Zombie AI

/ (Numpad) - Toggles Invisible Mode

+/- (Numpad) - Increases / Decreased the speed of the game (Great for slowmo). Press Escape to revert everything back to normal.

Q - Toggles God Mode

H - Toggles Fly Mode

P - Detaches the camera (Useful for screenshots in combination with Third Person View)

[ - Toggles between the camera and the player when the camera is detached (Useful to observe the zombies without changing the position of your body)

F3 - Shows additional Information on the HUD

F4 - Toggles Fullscreen / Window Mode

F5 - Enabled Third Person View

F6 - Open Spawnmenu

F7 - Toggles the HUD

F8 - Pressed once shows you the FPS and in Debug Mod when pressed again it shows you the heat in the area. Press it once more to disable it.


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