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A few ideas.


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First off, I just want to say that I am really enjoy A19, new looks, new stores, a bit more of a challenge.  Still wondering when I might find a gun, GS 28 now and still nothing better then a blunderbuss.  Finding TONS of ammo, just no guns.  With clothing stores now added in I was hoping to see more clothing options, and more geared toward female players.  (or cross dressing males if you're into that, see that a lot on Skyrim forums)  Either adding in some new ones, or make some of the ones being worn by zombies available to players, like the nurse outfit, cheer leader outfit, the blue dress now being worn by the big mama, and the tan dress worn by...whatever that zombie is called.  Also, being able to sleep through the night, with the exception of horde night, at least for single player, or everyone on the multiplayer has to sleep, like in Minecraft or The Forest.

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