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Alpha 19 - did not delete saves but can't find save


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Hi folks,


I went into the 7 days to die launcher and went into clean game data.   I checked removal of random generated worlds and maybe player profiles.  Not sure about player profiles but did select random generated worlds.  I then loaded up the game to load my save game.  It's not listed.  I then went into /appdata/romaing/7 days to die.  I see a saves folder created on 7/6.  Inside that folder I see navezgane folder, profiles and server admin.xml.  Inside that navezgane folder I see a mygame folder with a bunch of items in there.  It sucks because my guy was level 33 and that was a lot of hours put in.    How do I backup my save game in the future manually so this doesn't happen again?  I didn't check off delete save games but it's just not there.  Lesson learned not to trust the interface into doing what I think it's not going to do.  Anyway, if you folks could just tell me what  I need to manually back up  I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!

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From your description it sounds like your save is still there. It doesn't show in your "continue game" menu?

Is it from a different version of the game?


If you post your log file, someone here may be able to figure it out.


17 hours ago, angrysquirrel said:

just tell me what  I need to manually back up

Backup your /appdata/roaming/7daystodie folder to save your games. Backup your steamapps/common/7 Days to Die folder to save the game application.

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