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The Trapmaster Update™ Suggestion


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Ever felt like your base feels barebones?

Need something new and exciting to fend of the hungry undead?

You are bored of guns and guns all the day and want them rotters to lay rest in a machineary what breaks the Geneva Convention?


Well look no further fellow survivor!

Let me introduce to you the Trapmaster Update™ Suggestion!



Our aim here is to reinforce your base, make the zeds lay down and turn your bored days of AI exploition into a creative and fun experience! We here will feature multiple new ways to fight the hordes and get you labelled as a war criminal in potentially up to atleast 14 of the remaining civilizations!



Now lets get going on first with the new traps:


Acid Sprinkler System™


This revolutionary item is cheap to craft but will surely make your fights more exciting. The Acid Sprinkler System™ costs 10 iron, 1 iron pipe, 20 plastics cheap to craft even at the begining of your awakening!


The plan is simple, you plant the Acid Sprinkler System™ max 3 units high and when its triggered it will spray its contents onto everything below it in a 3x3 block spray range.

Can use 2 different ammunation types: Acid or Gas


Acid slows down zeds by 10% and damages them constantly even if they leave the sprinkler range. The damage is kinda low only 5/sec but it lasts as long as the rotter is moving!


Gas effectively turns our lovely unalive friends into moving torches, just need to apply a little spark or fire and they are now bright enough to shine like diamonds! The initial ignition increases the damage of the igniting weapons attack by 50% and after that the zombies will burn for 50% longer than normally!



Moe Szyslak's Patented Home Defense™


Ever felt like you have all these shotguns lying around useless because you already have your favorite face liquidator at hand incase someone wants to invade your personal space? Well no more!


Moe Szyslak's Patented Home Defense™ only needs a shotgun, 10 iron, 20 plastics and 1 ductape to be put on any door of your choice! The adaptive security systems make sure that you cannot harm yourself by your own shotgun and can be "programmed" to shoot on door opening or on door destruction.


Who ever thought that pointing a gun at your door can be soo effective? Damage and the number of shots depend on the shotgun installed but now just for a limited time we also offer shematics for different weapons such as crossbows, pistols and machine guns for only 300 dukes!



Inferno Mark II™


After various requests we gone and upgraded our Inferno Flamethrower Systems™ and we can now say that they are 100% guaranteed to not blow up when you attemt to repair it with a hammer!


The Inferno Mark II™ is a simple machine, you need a motor, 10 iron pipes, 100 plastics, 5 forged iron, 200 iron and 50 mechanical parts. Just fill it up with gas and start barbecueing your neighboors!


Just for a limited time you buy the shematics for the automatization of your system by combining 3 junk turrets and 1 Inferno Mark II into the Inferno Turret Mark I! Only for the first 200 callers!



Wall Spike™


Simple, efficient and looks good. The wall spike system is for the survivors who want to punish those touchy people who always feel like banging your walls!


This single recipe comes in all variations like the original spike system and costs the same!


This offer is FREE, you heard that right FREE for all who purchase the The Trapmaster Update™ Suggestion! Grab it while you can!



Ol' Ballista™


Going medieval was never soo hot! Pierce your enemies with 1 meter long arrows of doom and strike fear into the bandits around you!


The Ol' Ballista™ is made of 100 wood, 100 iron and 50 leather. Its a deployable weapon whats best used by manual control or with a remote control system.


Damage depends on the arrows used in it, each arrow costs 50 materials:


  • Full wood spike: 90 damage, pierces 1 target
  • Full stone spike: 90 damage, explodes on impact
  • Full iron spike: 150 damage, pierces 3 targets
  • Explosive iron spike (cost +50 gunpowder): 150 damage, explodes on impact
  • Steel Hail Pack (5 spikes launched simultenously): 100 damage, pierces 1 target but can hit multiple targets



What are you waiting for? Call 555-Duke wants em dead-69 and order your set of The Trapmaster Update™ now for only 90.000 Dukes, the first 100 callers get 25% discount!


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