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Caveman makes fire playthrough

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I started a new a19 (b169) file and I interested in a "Primitive build"


So far the only rules are:

1 Weapons must be basic (No steel club or steel/iron sledge, baseball bat can due to it literally being a long piece of wood {even though we now use iron for it})

2 Bows can be primitive or wooden, but no compound (im on the fence about the iron crossbow) (I can't use arrows/bolts higher than iron, so no explosive/steel heads)

3 I cannot use recipes that have foods from cans (so no advanced foods, meat and potato is ok, same with basic stews {veggie and meat})

4 I cannot use first aid kits, bandages and medical bandages are alright

5 Tools are one and done deals, except the stone age ones (So if I find a magical t6 steel pickaxe, I better save that for major stone/iron digging only)

6 I can use concrete, but not steel blocks (ancient concrete exists and is still around today in places)

7 armors: I can use cloth, scrap and leather, but none of the others (no military or iron/steel)

8 The Blunderbuss is the only gun I can use


I am looking for any other..ideas? restrictions? that would make this a more awesome idea....so I put it out there, what would you add, or take away to make this either more challenging, or easier?

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