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Dead Anarchist


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Hi, guys. There is one horror punk band in Russia, "King and Jester" or "Король и Шут". It's very popular in Russia, and one of their songs, "Dead Anarhist", "Мертвый Анархист"... Just listen it, here is links:





If you listen it, you might get an idea. 

It will be great, if you add this NPC in game. I think, thats will be nice. Maybe spawn him in 7 night, don't rush, don't run, juts slowly moving right to your base with giant amount of HP and spawn zombies behind him. Just imagine it, solid Dead Anarhist walk right to you, with coat on him, and horde of zombies come out from underground, and rushing up to your walls. 

I hope someday this NPC will appear, maybe in alpha 20?

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