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Worst performance I've had since A14

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Title says it all. I been running with everything maxed except reflections off since A14. 60fps or better. Always. With this alpha I've had to turn everything down to medium and that's just to get 40fps. I am dipping very often to 20fps. Mostly at night. I doubt horde night will be playable.

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If you haven't tried already, try just lowering terrain and/or object quality to "low". I can keep pretty much everything else at ultra if I do that, while still getting decent FPS.

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I just recently came back to the game and have noticed the same thing. Had a few spikes yesterday that made me dip down to 6 FPS while having a passing horde at night.

I know its Alpha and polishing up the game and optimizing the game will come when their done with the core, but, who knows if that will ever come. 

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