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Literally created an account just to say "thanks" for this game


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A group of us old friends have started playing games together again and one of the guys suggested this 7 days to die. I was aware of this game when it came out but didn't really pay it any serious attention - I think back then bad unity games unfortunately saturated the market and well, it looked a little rough around the edges.

However, its just goes to show you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover (and that's not to say its bad looking game). There's nothing that really compares its just so much damn fun. Sure its got its quirks but its charming, funny and always seems like its trying to kill you which generally sandbox games don't really have, especially in a coop experience.


Feels like a good time to jump in anyway and im excited about what the future holds.

This has been my Ted talk. Thanks, again.


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Are you sure you don't want to rant about character progression? Or sealed crates? Lack of NPCs? Oh, I know, how about a nice screed about being forced to take perks you don't want! The game is too easy! Or too hard, whichever!


No? Nothing? Because, we have a sort of thing we do here and frankly you're just not fitting in with your entirely positive message. It's confusing.


Here, I can get you started: "TFP WHAT WERE U THINKING WHEN U ..."



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