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Things that makes me happy in A19 (so far)


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The lighting system must be my number one favourite.  It works much better, shadows and reflections are great.  It makes me sometimes just pause and think "wow".


A close second has to be the way zeds stumble and get back up when they fall. It feels much more real.


Then the "sprite" that helps me find my bike in the grass, searching for my bike used to be a pain!  So while the sprite makes the game a bit arcadey I do actually apreciate it!


The new foods are also great.  I like that there are a bunch of new recipes, it keeps it interesting.


The writeable storage is something I've been wishing for for a long time, so that is great too!


I modded food to give a bit more health and now I actually like the stamina and food drains (Look for FoodPlus33 on Nexus if you find food needs just a bit of a boost)


Player animations are also improved in A19, so that's also goodness!


The Junk sledge is fun.  It works better than I thought from early Youtubers' reviews.


I also like the new POIs, especially the way that they now allow multiple entry points and have several "sub" main loot areas spread out along the building.  


I like the inter-trader quests - go find another trader.  My first trader has so far sent me to find two more!


The food and water on screen is good, I used to use a mod to show these so not such a big thing for me but good all the same.


What is your favourite feature?


Note: Leave the "buts" and other negative comments for moan threads.  

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Progressing slower than in previous versions so I haven't seen a real strong blood moon yet, looking forward do it.


- Junk sledge is good entertainment on blood moon night, random zeds flying around.

- Really like the candy buffs,  mostly use the harvest increase, lockpick, and zero fall damage ones.

- Auto shotgun is stupid gory, its great.

- Loving the massive amount of POIs.  Just wish the trader would do a better job of assigning you one.  Maybe save the last (or last couple) POI type assigned to make sure a different one is chosen for the next mission.

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