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Death and Dissappearing Backpack..........


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I have seen this posted and this is A19 Dedicated server. We have about 30 days in game play and this happened at about day 26.


We happen to find a Shotgun Messiah next to a trader so we decided to hit it up. It is the huge factory. Long story short we decide to go in on the roof in the back corner. We get up there and we end up finding a horde. We got over run.


I jumped off the roof and headed towards the traders. Turned around and was walking backwards shooting zombies and taking some out till I was overtaken. When I died I did not know this at that moment I was on the traders property.


When I went to recover my backpack it was not there. I jumped into god mode and looked under ground and up in the sky, no bag. Tried digging where it said it was no bag and it actually stopped me from digging because it was the border of the traders area. My bag was on the trader plot. according to the marker. We searched all around the area no backpack. So it seems a POI maybe eating them.

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On 7/21/2020 at 12:19 AM, SylenThunder said:

Look in the log. Backpack data has been tracked since 18.3.

Looked and found it and all looked normal. matched ID of the entity backpack with the user ID and saw where the user died and backpack spawned with 57 items. then saw ondestroy which all there was normal. The odd thing is it shows the Entity ID as if it was picked up and was now empty to be destroyed, then destroyed because empty.


Funny thing is it never got picked up because it was not there to be picked up.

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