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Best idea for a story/plot


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Here's an idea for a storyline. The FP decide on a source for zombiefication (virus, aliens, radiation, whatever), and a player can progressively discover and eliminate those sources until the map is free, thereby winning the game. After winning, players could play on with various plot devices. For example, horde night could still happen because Z's come in from outside the map, or new sources could emerge requiring elimination. The ability to clear sources also means players can progressively clear whole areas to build settlements. Perhaps non-Z NPC's could come in an settle cleared areas, with the risk that if a new source emerges in that area, they all become z's. In settled areas, the player gets benefits - cheaper and better stuff etc

Here's an idea for a source. Zombies are caused when tiny, insect-like micro-organisms infest someone's body, feeding off and killing the person. Once the insects reach a certain number, they develop a hive mind which can animate the body in search of new bodies to colonise - through bite. The insects come from a 'queen' who also telepathically directs the hive. Kill the queen, and there are no more insects (zinsects if you will, or maybe inzects). After the queen's death, Individual zombies still function. After killing the queen, the players still has to kill all the Zs in the queen's domain. The queen becomes more powerful during the blood moon, enabling the insects to have much greater ability to sense movement, heat and sound, and to have better control of the animated host body. Hence the horde. After the insects inside a body reach a certain number, they can go into hibernation - hence sleepers - to preserve their food supply. And maybe, the queens all talk to each other, so there might be retaliation, or an empress for a final boss-fight. Lots of possible story threads to have fun with. Enjoy.

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