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B169 FPS lag


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OS: Windows 10 64bit
CPU: AMD 3950X @ 4.21GHz (16 core, 32 thread) Liquid Cooled at 47d
RAM: 64GB DDR4 3200MHz
GPU: RX 5700XT
HDD: Dual x4 2TB Sabrant Nvme Drives running at full

Save folder: Nvme Raid

PSU: DarkPower 850 Watts 92% Eff


You can see from the Vid what im experiencing which is 3 to 5 second locks ups every few hundred feet, Lockups when going near a POI & lockups with what seems to be Texture loading..



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Dropping Terrain down to Low still causes me Lockups of 1 to 3 seconds.. But I still get issues when getting close to POis like an Example would be the Barn with all the animals & grace, That locked me up for 4 seconds....

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Loading something clobbers the FPS for sure.


WIndows on the SSD it's very brief.

Linux on a good HD, it's a few seconds.


Windows though, has an issue with the lighting in streamlabs OBS (colors are way off on game capture, and screen capture only shows the main screen, not the game.  Linux OBS no issues at all.  grump)


Once the POI etc have loaded, all is fine.

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17 hours ago, 7daysOfFun said:

i made a video from it (for laughing)...we hope nxt days the new version gets better  (and REMEMBER last week was all perfect with the old version)

here my specs running the video...>visuality max screensize 3840*1080 (video is 4k)

u see good the start (before 8 sek, now 28sek) and then the drops





Holy FishEyeLens batman! I couldn't handle even watching that with that huge a fov.

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Still have huge stutters/drops on B-173 if I set terrain quality to anything but low, at least in the map I was already playing. I'm currently wiping/reinstalling, will even go with the standard pregen maps to rule out Nitrogen being the culprit somehow. Bye bye skyscrapers, I guess :(


I really hoped this update would fix it, because the stuttering and jerking was pretty annoying even with terrain set to low. It all seemed so nice and smooth prior to B-169!



It seems like starting a new world (pregen02) fixed it (at least for early game), so it might have been either Nitrogen or playing on an old save that caused the issue to persist. I'll try another Nitrogen map soon, and if it has the stutters I'll report it in Damocles' thread, maybe he can look into it.

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Stuttering is now 95 % fixed for me in B173.

Just a couple of small hiccups down to 41-45 FPS while blazing through a town on the minibike, otherwise a smooth 60FPS. I can live with that.
No more 0,5 - 1 second pauses or drops to 15-20 FPS.

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Sorry to bump this but I have exactly this problem in the latest A19 *stable* build.

On 7/24/2020 at 11:19 AM, War3zuk said:



Smooth 60+ FPS, but then I move a bit (not even driving, just walking will do it!) and every couple of minutes I get this huge 2-10 second freeze!

It's ridiculous I never had this problem on A18, A17 or A16. (even if general performance (if you don't take these stutter spikes into account) is arguably slightly better on A19 I feel like).

Did any of you find a solution to this problem? I'm obviously not on an SSD, and I find it stupid that I need to lower terrain resolution just because of these random stutters... that doesn't make sense!


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No, Not found a cure for this, I suspect it was the change from Ram to Vram, Not that thats a bad thing but I dont think its implemented properly cos in retrospect the game should run better with those things being dumped into Video card Ram.. Im pretty sure thats the cause of the issue from Testing but could be wrong lol

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