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Playing with the HUD.... Advanced Questions.

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This may be too much for one post? After finally publishing my recent simple HUD mod that can be pushed through servers, there are more complex things I would like to try. I understand the more I fail, the closer I may be to what I want... I spend a lot of time testing/crashing the game, looking through the .xml files, studying other mods, and reading up on forums. I have never done .dll edits. There are several things I would like to see, and this is in simple terms:


1.) Display how many inventory slots are available

2.) Display the number of particular items I am carrying in my inventory (basically assist in knowing how much Iron did I just mine?) <if I can do this, I have plans. (played with workarounds, like creating a quest that requires me to "fetch" a ton of particular items... it's ugly. And trying to show ingredients list in a different format on the side.... ugh.)

3.) Display my gamestage and/or gamestage value used while in a party

4.) Make what I think is a control to click on a button to make a window hud will slide out with the information I put on it, so one can choose whether or not to view more details at a given time.


How is this for questions?! Thanks for any help, even if it is things like "post these questions over here like this." 😄

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