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PVP Servers too easy. Discussion and Survey

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First time posting on the forums, and as of the time of this post it is just before the official release (Been playing experimental of A19). I have about 6,200 hrs. of play time on 7dtd and I've played through quite a few Alphas.


I've seen hints at it from others on the forums, and I know of at least 4 other people on my list who have had the same complaint that you go on, you look for a server to PvP on and all the settings are let's say extremely casual. Xp modifiers are all a minimum of 200% (usually several times higher), same with loot, the zombies themselves are either default or maybe one higher, air drops are turned up, etc. well you get the idea. Occasionally you see what looks to be a server with decent settings, everything looks like it's not enhanced to the point of breaking the balance and progression, you join, and then you realize they changed the internal settings to make it far too easy (Like every level you get 3 skill points instead of 1 for instance).


Now, all that being said. . . I'm curious of how many people are out there like me that would prefer to have an actual PvP server with drop all, land claim protection isn't infinite, zombie settings are let's say hardest or one below hardest, XP modifier is either 100% or lower, and same with loot. No special mods to make the game easier (Not really concerned with ones that display more information), and in general gives you the sense that if you die and lose your stuff to someone it would actually be a big deal, instead of just walk into the next POI and get tons of loot back because all the settings are designed to be easy mode.


I know one person that runs a public server with mostly the settings I'm looking for, and I know of a couple more people that have been kicking around creating a server for all of the above mentioned reasons, but before all that I wanted to reach out to the community and see how many others this message resonates with and see how viable it is (Obviously with a PvP server the more people the better).



PvP server settings of any and all currently known public servers are a joke, who wants to play on a PvP server with difficult settings all the way around, not just around the PvP part but the PvE part as well so a death would actually have an impact, and the first guy you see with a decent set of gear had to work at getting it rather than it being handed to them.

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Part of the consideration you have to take into account is that this game is not designed with PvP in mind. It's also near-impossible to balance PvE and PvP gameplay.


Most people don't want their bases to be raided when they're offline, and so server settings are configured to account for that.


I personally have debated for years on setting up a "proper" and "fair" PvP server. However coming up with a configuration that will suit most has been near impossible. Through most of the internal a19 testing I have hosted a PvP server with Vanilla settings so our testers can try it out. The real issue though is that there are so few that can/will actually test. The PvP community is such a small playerbase when compared to the rest, that it's difficult to get hard information or do real testing.


What kind of settings do you expect to see on a PvP server? 

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Server settings are pretty straightforward from my perspective. Zombie difficulty either the most difficult or one level down. Loot and Xp should be 100% or lower (I actually rather liked 80% xp since you didn't feel like you were going to fly through all the lower level content in a day. Air drops turned off altogether, and server admins in general not giving out items to people. 7 day hordes can really be left to default, their run speed can either be turned up or not I'd be play with that either way. 

   Now as far as PvP specific settings it does get a bit more complicated since there tends to be less in agreement amongst people you talk to. So for me, drop all on death, drop nothing on leaving (if someone combat logs on you, you could always make it hard on them by knowing their location, but Otherwise picking all your stuff back up all the time is kind of annoying). Land claim toughness settings are a bit uncertain, personally I just don't want it to be infinite, I don't mind if they're relatively tough to crack, and it's too easy to escape any sense of urgency or danger of it's offline infinite. I'd really prefer it to be like many other survivor games are doing it as weekend only raiding but I don't think 7 days has that yet.

   Let me know if there's anything glaring I've forgotten as far as settings, I'm just running through all the parts that are immediately on my mind.

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Hey refugee, lol good to see ya here too, I hope you find what your looking for, yeah its gonna be pretty hard to build up a community with that difficult of settings, I myself and a couple others i know would enjoy something way more difficult but it is pretty impossible because of our RL situations, if you dont end up making ur own server just stick around our discord and you will see something even more difficult, once a19 goes stable we have plans of opening another pvp server that will end up being more difficult


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Pulled the trigger, search up "Assliquor's PvP Anarchy". Vanilla XP & loot, difficulty 4, rwg 8k map, no air drops. True anarchy, if it is within the boundaries of the game, it's allowed. Low slots at the moment, I can buy more anytime anywhere, so as soon as there's activity I'll get more. I'm looking for advice on what would be a good wipe cycle, right now I have it set on weekly Friday wipes. Starting from scratch here so discord and server are empty, looking for help seeding this. Also looking for any feedback, I'm new to hosting 7 days. Discord and IP below. Thanks!





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I played on NAPVP, they were one of the worst offenders I've seen in terms of what I was describing. From the server list they looked okay, difficulty setting warrior... Okay still pretty weak sauce, xp multiplier 150%, again not great but passable... Drop on death everything, excellent, drop on quit nothing, air drops....everyday... Loot abundance 100% good, claim health 8x and 16x online and offline respectively, good. 

   Then you realize, when you get a level, heres an air drop at your feet... Oh by the way if you just leveled here's 3 skill points, oh did the server just wipe? Didn't wipe those people's levels, they're on pay to win mode.

   So no, that server from my perspective is exactly the problem I was describing in the original post, there's no point in killing someone and taking their stuff if the first prefab you walk in is going to have everything you need back, because by this point the actual game outside of PvP offers 0 resistance (and yes even horde nights are spaced out more) the game stages are circumvented by xp multipliers, constant air drops, and skill point multipliers.... And if you happen to be on at a peak hour good luck getting on the server at all.

I will say I was pleasantly surprised once it transitioned from experimental to stable to find their were a couple PvP servers with harder settings this go round. Clearly I'm not the only one out there who's had this problem.

   As of writing this I've been playing on Sector Slain PvP Arena and Suvival Server ( for sever IP). I would prefer a couple settings ramped up a bit more but over all great sever.

   They've added some quality of life but not so much that it completely destroys balance, progression, and ultimately any sort of challenge like most PvP severs out there. To my knowledge this is the only PvP server I've seen that actually put the xp modifier lower (80%) than default so you can actually enjoy the game longer.

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i signed up to say, you keep saying you want pvp, but then you also describe very hard pve settings and alot of grind.    Do you want that to slow down the loot drops?  I've been playing with my friends in a little PVE sandbox and we're getting bored and ready to PVP, i will suggest we do vanilla normal xp, normal zombies, no air drops, and then if there is a way to alter gear drop rate we'll do that to make it lower.

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