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Eye adjustment (working backwards)

Xane Tempest

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I am probably setting myself up for a world of regret, but here goes.

When going into a room, my vision will gradually darken.

When leaving the room, my vision will get brighter.

This is incredibly distracting and infuriating. The human eye doesn't work like this, it works in the complete opposite manner!


A similar 'issue' can be seen by playing Space Engineers, where they call it 'eye adjustment' and used to have an option to turn it off.

Is there any way to either get it working properly (where going into a 'dark' space will brighten your vision, bleaching the outside world of direct sunlight) or just disable it entirely so I don't keep screaming "WHY AM I GOING BLIND BECAUSE I'M UNDER A ROOF?"

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This is how it SHOULD work. Go into dark space, things get brighter. Go back into bright space, it gets darker.

Also, this is a pretty nice showcase for things that can be done with Unity... go figure... Still, there's some 7Days scenes that make this look like trash ;)

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