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   I have been looking through the forums for a while now and find nothing on how this might be done.   Judge me if you want but this is how i like to play.

as i have been trying to get a longer game day i am looking for a way to make the day cycle longer, yes longer.  i have gotten up to a 6 hour day by doing the following:

set days to 120 min cycle and changing the speed slider to 1.   This means that dm has to be turned on and the speed slider must be set to 1 every time i start the game.

is there anywhere in the game files that i can make this change? or maybe a mod?  also looking for a mod that will make horde last all night long (i know there used to be one) 

thank you  

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I'm absolutely going to judge you for that. "Yeah, I want my in-game day to be an actual RL day."

What's the point? By the time you get to the horde, you'd have EVERYTHING unlocked.

But you can do it by going into Data/Config/XUi_Menu/windows.xml and find this line.

<gameoption name="DayNightLength" title="goDayLength" value_wrap="false" value_type="int" values="10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120" display_names="" value_localization_prefix="goMinute" />

Add , 1440 just after 120. That should work.

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58 minutes ago, KhaineGB said:

What's the point? By the time you get to the horde, you'd have EVERYTHING unlocked.

I have also thought about playing on "realtime" already.

But there are 2 major problems i encountered:

First if i'm not on holiday, i only play in the evening. So i would end up playing always in the evening and night. Second one is, time does not keep running if i'm not playing, even not on a dedicated server. If i really need to play every minute that would be 166 hours of gaming until the first bloodmoon occurs. Most playthroughs don't even last that long for me.

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1 hour ago, PimpYourGames said:

Hi ! 

Tried to add the 1444 after 120 but it's everytime 7 o'clock ? Did they change anything with the last update ?

The Menue shows the correct 1440 minutes


(PS THNX Khaine for the Instructions)


Hi PimpYourGames


I have something similar made mod, based on the work of Claymore, only add after 120 to 480, the game only supports up to 360, when you set it longer, the clock stops and the hours do not advance, only this way you can play everything a day of real life and keep looting, killing zombies everything...

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